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Antico Opificio Serico / Broccatelle

Brocatelle, not to be confused with brocade, is a textured fabric, with large colored designs obtained thanks to discontinuous weaves, which therefore do not cross the fabric in all its over. It is made on particular looms.


This typical fabric that developed in the seventeenth century in Italy and evolved in Caserta in the second half of the eighteenth century is used in furnishings and sacred vestments and is characterized by the background that highlights a detected effect on the right, visible even in the reverse.


Broccatelle have very ancient origins. Precious fabrics – both for the material, the silk, and for the complexity of the workmanship – were exclusive to the nobles, the clergy and the rulers. This noble fabric has been produced since the Renaissance in Italian cities.

In ancient times the dobby loom was used, but starting from the nineteenth century it is generally woven with a Jacquard loom. The material that traditionally constitutes brocatelle is silk, with a very fine title with the addition of precious metallic textures in gold and silver.

Today the use of this prestigious fabric is particularly widespread in the luxury furniture sector, to raise the charm of cushions, armchairs, curtains; in sacred furnishings, for vestments and decorations, as well as in the historical reconstruction with clothing for palisades and fashion shows, renewing the ancestral charm of this precious fabric.

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