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Binding the books we love with precious fabric

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Binding the books we love with precious fabric

The digital age is moving the sense of touch away from human consciousness. Yet when we take a book bound in 

leather or even better in fabric with our hands, our senses remain seduced by the effect that our fingertips experience.

In fact, choosing to bind the books we love with the precious fabric feeds the pleasure not only of the senses but above all that curious emotion we experience when we find that that book is not just any book, but something that tells a very personal “feeling”.

The choice of those fabrics of the Ancient Silk Factory that we can allocate to the binding of one or more books therefore becomes very important, as they can reflect the person’s character, his story, the message itself with which we intend to give the value of what there is written.

Everything’s included: colors, patterns, texture, style …

Fabric binding becomes an art, especially when the volumes tell something that has to do with life: in fact, herbariums or diaries become the books that are most commonly covered in fabric.

The chromatic expression of a fabric binding in fact manages to give an incomparable aura to that book, as it takes on a symbolic value that is communicated with that book at a glance: the choice of fabric can represent a particular moment of life in which we read that book, or a theme that is dear to us in our life, or a precise feeling that only a fabric can physically convey to the senses.

The design, the texture, the colors of the fabric immediately distinguish that book – and allow you to find it also among other books that we have chosen to bind with other fabrics. In an era in which we are easily attracted to many stimuli that are submitted to us by digital communication, finding the books that matter in our library: it is an opportunity to find it and “find ourselves” to remember who we are.

If you want to know which fine fabrics could be the most suitable, do not hesitate to write us.

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